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LNG is produced by converting natural gas into liquid. MCP supplies 180,000 tons of LNG annually to domestic and foreign markets.

1.Methane CH4% Mol91.1300
2.Ethane:C2H6% Mol6.1100
3.Propane:C3H8% Mol2.1600
4.lso Butane :1-C4H10% Mol0.3100
5.N·Butane :n-C4H10% Mol0.2600
6.lso Pentane:i-C5H12% Mal0.0000
9.N·Petane:n-C5H12% Mol0.0000
8.N-Hexane:n-C6H14% Mal0.0000
9.Nitrogen :N2% Mal0.0300
10.Oxygen 02% Mol0.0000
11.Carbon Dioxide :C02% Mol0.0000
12.Hydrogen Sulphur.H2Smg/m3<0.2
13.Total Sulphur: Smg/m3<0.2
14.Hydrocarbon Ana:lys1s Method = ISO 6974
15.H2S &Total Sulphur Analysis Method ASTM 06667& ISO 1973 Average Liquid Temp Prior to Discharge ·c -159.10 Average Density @ Observed Temp (Calculated) Kg/m3 451.79
16.Calorific Value Minimum 36.4 MJ/m3 Maximum 40.9 MJ/m3