Fertilizers – Caustic Soda

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) is a versatile alkali. Its main uses are in the manufacture of pulp and paper, alumina, soap and detergents, petroleum products, and chemical production.
It is used in a wide range of industries like detergent manufacturing, drilling industry (in water-based mud), ceramic production, Adhesives and sealant chemicals, Adsorbents and absorbents, Agricultural chemicals (non-pesticidal ), Anti-adhesive agents, Bleaching agents, Corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents, Dyes, Finishing agents, Fuels and fuel additives, Functional fluids (closed system), Etc.

Physical Specifications
Visual shape White Flakes
Boiling temperature 1390ºC
Melting Point 318.4ºC
Specific Gravity 2.13(at 25ºC)
Solubility in Water 1 gr/0.9 ml
Chemical Analysis
NaOH 98% Min
Na2CO3 1% Max
NaCl 600 ppm Max
Ni 3 ppm Max
Fe 20 ppm Max
SiO2 100 ppm Max
Na2SO4 0.01% Max
Hg Nil