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Maccoran Petroleum company established in 2022, is a reputed, professionally managed business organization with sound business ethics engaged in the field of Oil, Gas, Chemical, and Petrochemicals having offices in UAE, Sultanate of Oman, and Turkey. Today, we are one of the leaders in the progressive world of Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals, and pride ourselves in supplying a range of commodities in this field that not only meet the market requirements of today but those of the future as well.

MCP’s mission is to provide customers with competitive products that deliver quality and value, just-in-time deliveries of a variety of top-quality products at competitive prices, Act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings, and Encourage commitment and accountability by all staff, at all levels. and finally, maintain our unique corporate culture: always having the courage to think outside the box, and to have a “can-do” attitude to simply make things happen.

The company’s presence in the global market is unique and covers many countries such as India, China, South East Asia, East Africa, Latin America, Turkey, and European countries.

Mission :

At Maccoran Petroleum Company, we are committed to improving living standards by providing energy with superior petroleum products. Our exceptional team of qualified, motivated, dynamic, and innovative staff is fully dedicated to fulfilling our responsibilities and ensuring we deliver quality services to our clients. As a customer-oriented company, we greatly value the rights of our stakeholders and all individuals involved in the production, transportation, and consumption chain. At MCP, we strive to uphold the highest professionalism and ethical conduct standards in all our dealings.

Vision :

Maccoran Petroleum Company commitment to environmental protection and creating innovation and change in the development of unique solutions for sales services and customer support in the form of organizations, private companies, and final consumers and the export of oil derivatives of this company to the markets of the region and countries of the Persian Gulf and the continents of Africa and Europe.

Goals :

Becoming one of the key and determining players in the UAE and GCC countries’ Oil and Gas market by using disruptive technologies and using expert human resources in its organizational digital transformation plan.​

Values :

Customer Orientation: Obtaining satisfaction, creating loyalty, respecting the rights, and protecting the interests of the customer by providing the desired quality, timely delivery, and the right price of goods with the view of promoting glory and innovation and developing and protecting the brand of Maccoran Petroleum Group.

Preserving Human Dignity: Valuing human resources as the most valuable capital of the group through empowerment, meritocracy, succession, empathy, synergy, promoting creativity, and promoting honesty and mutual respect regardless of positions to improve motivation and commitment.

Protecting the interests of shareholders and investors: Creating sustainable wealth for key stakeholders by observing the principle of mutual benefit, proper interaction, improving financial transparency, trustworthiness, and compliance with commitments.

Social Responsibility: Design, investment, development of business projects, and provision of related services by relying on customer-oriented principles and creating a suitable platform for recording and maintaining management experiences, organizational knowledge management, and development of the company’s contribution to laying the groundwork for human well-being, comfort and peace of society and Environmental Protection.

Creating Synergies: By forming different partnerships in the financing chain, designing and implementing related business projects, including the supply of Oil and Gas and Petrochemical goods for organizations, companies, and colleagues in the Oil and Gas industry, by the principle of mutual benefit.

Organizational Excellence: Creating a superior organization through the establishment of a system of excellence and quality management and excellence in the field of providing customer services and providing quality products, and professional advancement of works and efforts to fulfill duties, responsibilities, and obligations through the creation of agile systems and effective processes based on Continuous improvement.

Our Company Profile

Maccoran Petroleum Company Profile


Head Office:

      +971 50 339 3970

     +971 52 138 6672

    No.104, Baraha Saeed Building, Al Baraha, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our Professional Export Team

Mr. Emad Mahmoud

Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Alex Sepinood

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Oliver

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Rafael Strass

Senior Executive Vice President