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“MCP EP440L” is a medium flow heterophasic polypropylene copolymer with improved balance of mechanical properties. The product features high stiffness and outstanding impact strength at low temperatures and is specifically designed for injection molding applications. In comparison with conventional copolymers with the same MFR and same rigidity, “MCP EP440L”, exhibits 35 % higher toughness. “MCP EP440L” is suitable for a wide range of applications in the packaging, automotive and consumer goods industries. Typical applications include luggage, paint pails, buckets, containers, crates, batteries and large toys.

Characteristic Properties


  • High impact strength
  • High stiffness

Main Applications

Density: 0.9

  • Packaging, automotive and consumer goods industries
  • Luggage, paint pails, buckets
  • Containers, crates, batteries and large toys


Density: 0.9

  • Antioxidant package
  • Nucleating agent
Typical Properties Value Unit Method
Melt Flow Rate (230 °C, 2.16 kg) 6.0 g/10min ASTM D1238
Density 0.9 g/cm3 ASTM D1505
Flexural Modulus 1300 MPa ASTM D790
Tensile Strength at Yield 25 MPa ASTM D638
Tensile Elongation at Yield 6 % ASTM D638
Izod Impact Strength(notched)at 23 °C 200 J/m ASTM D256
Izod Impact Strength(notched)at -20 °C 60 J/m ASTM D256
Vicat softening point (10N) 150 °C ASTM D1525
H.D.T. (0.45 MPa) 90 °C ASTM D648
Accelerated oven ageing in air at 150 °C 360 hours ASTM D3012