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Method Units Test Result Unit
 ASTM D5002 Density and Relative Density of Crude Oils Average API Gravity 29 .7 (29.7) (Min) API
ASTM D1298-99 Density @15 °C 0.87 (0.8775) (Max) Kg/t
ASTM D97 Pour Point of Petroleum Products Pour Point Pour Point < -33 (-36) (t1ELuW ZERO) < -27.4 (-32.8) (BELOW ZERO) ·c •F
ASTM D93-IP34 Pen sky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Corrected Flash Point 117 (1371 (MIN) •F
 ASTM D4294 Sulfur Content in Petroleum Products by EDXRF Sulfur Content 0.38 (0 358) (MAX) Wt%
ASTM D445 Kinematic/Dynamic Viscosity Kinematic Viscosity @ 122°F / 50°C 17.83 {18 .12) (MAX) Mm2/s
ASTM D6304 Water Content by Coulometric Karl Fisher Titration Water Content 0.20 (0 7) (MAX) Wt%
ASTM D482 Ash from Petroleum Products Average Ash 0.279 {1.007) {MAX) Wt%
ASTM D2161 Conversion of Kinematic Viscosity To SUS/SFS 1Saybolt furoi viscosity 122°F 10.9SFS (MAX)
 ASTM D5184 Aluminum and Silicon in Fuel Oils by ICP-AES or AAS Aluminum Content Silicon Content 102 (MAX) 93 (MAX) Mg/kg Mg/kg
ASTM D95 Water by Distillation, Vol% 0.70 (MAX) Vol%
ASTM D4530.06 Carbon Residue 1.11(MAX) Wt%
Method Test Result Units
IP 143 Asphaltenes Heptane Insolubles
Asphaltene Content 0.08 Wt%
IP 501 Determination of AL, Si, V, Ni, Fe. Na, Ca, Zn, P 1n Fuel Oil-ICPES
Aluminum 372 mg/kg
Silicon 187 mg/kg
Sodium 117 mg/kg
Vanadium 1 mg/kg
Calcium 779 mg/kg
Zinc 298 mg/kg
Phosphorus 4176 mg/kg
Iron 545 mg/kg