Wax – Slack

Slack wax is the raw material of paraffin wax, a mixture of oil and wax in yellow or brown color. All types of slack wax are used as blending components or waterproofing in companies.


It is used in emulsions, construction boards, matches, candles, rust protective products and moisture vapor barriers, polishes, inks, and carbon paper, and externally, it can be applied as a good dust suppressant or controlled-release agent for various chemicals and fertilizers.
Test Ultra Light Slack Wax Light Slack Wax1 Light Slack Wax2 Heavy Slack Wax1 Heavy Slack Wax2 Method Test ASTM
Oil Content 23 31 31 33 33 ASTM D-721
Kinematic Viscosity @100ºC 3.9 3.8-4.4 4.5-6.5 6.6-10.5 6.6-10.5 ASTM D-445
Color 1 2.5 Max 3-4.5 ASTM D-1500
Congealing Point ºC 49-51 47-59 52-59 57-65 57-65 ASTM D-938
Appearance Creamish Creamish Yellow Light Brown Dark Brown Visual