Base Oil – SN 600 LOW VI

SN 600 LOW VI base oil is one of the base oils supplied by Maccoran Petroleum Company and has wide applications in the industry. This base oil results from solvent extraction and waxing processes and is one of the best group (I) base oils in formulating gasoline and diesel engine oils, industrial lubricants, greases, and unique products. SN 600 LOW VI base oil is produced and supplied in various packages in the form of bulk, barrel, Flexi, and IBC.


  • All types of gasoline and diesel engine oils
  • Types of oils for gas and dual-fuel engines
  • Industrial lubricants 
  • Grease and special products

Features & Benefits

  • Stability of properties during operation
  • Optimal oxidation and thermal stability
  • Excellent viscosity stability
  • Appropriate viscosity index
  • High flash point
  • TAN down 


  • Bulk
  • 208-liter drum
  • Flexi Tank
  • IBC

attributeUnittest methodresult
1 result
AppearanceVisualC & B
Kinematic gravity at 100℃mm2/s (cSt)ASTM D7042Min 12.6
Viscosity Index (VI)ASTM D2270Min 80
FlashpointASTM D92Min 235
Drop pointASTM D5950Max -3
Evaporation percentage of volatile substances at 250 ℃wt%ASTM D5800Max 3
ColorASTM D1500Max 3