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LPG is a flammable mixture of two hydrocarbon gases (i.e., butane and propane) used as the feed for olefin units. MCP supplies 40,000 tons of hot LPG and 270,000 – 528,000 tons of refrigerated LPG annually to domestic and foreign markets.

Typical Test Unit Specification Test Method
GC ISO 7941
C1 mol% Max 0.5 ISO 7942
C2 mol% Max 9 ISO 7943
C5 mol% Max 2.5 ISO 7944
C6+ mol% Max 0.4 ISO 7945
PropertiesUnitTest MethodResult
Vapour Pressure, Gauge@37.8Deg.CK PaASTM D-1267 or
ASTM D-2598
420-830 Max
DensityASTM D-1657 or
ASTM D-2598
Total Sulphur (After Stanched)PPMWASTM D-2784 or
ASTM D-3246
50 Max
Corrosion, Copper Strip 1Hour at 37.8Deg. CASTM D-18381 Max
Free WaterVisual InspectionNone
Odorant (Ethyl Mercaptan) (If Stanched Only)L/1000MT*Smell Test26
Olefin (Required only from complex refinery sources)%MoleASTM D-21635 Max
C2 Hydrocarbons% WeightASTM D-2163I Report
C3 Propane% WeightASTM D-2163Total C3 Saturates 25 30
C4 I-Butane% WeightASTM D-2163Total C4 Saturates 7705
CS and Higher Hydrocarbons% MoleASTM D-21632 Max (Pentenes 0.5 Max)
Residue TestMl/ 100mlASTM D-21580.05 Max
Oil Strain  eASTM Oe2158Pass
Dienes contents as 1,3 Butadiene’s (Required only from complex refinery sources)% MoleASTM D-21630.5 Max
MON (Motor Octane number)ASTM D-259889 Min