Aromatics – Raffinate

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MCP annually supplies 700,000 tons of this product. Raffinate comprises olefin, alkane, paraffin, and aromatic compounds.

Test MethodSpecificationUnitTypical Test
ASTM-D-323Max 11psiaRVP
ASTM D-86Min 30°CIBP
ASTM D-86Max 130°CFBP
GCMin 70WT%Paraffinic
GCMax 14WT%Olefinic
ASTM D4052650 – 740kg/m3Density @ 15.6 °C
ASTM D5453Max 1.5wt ppmTotal Sulfur
ASTM D156Min +18Saybolt ColorColor
GFAASMax 5wt ppbLead