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MCP annually supplies 180,000 tons of this colorless and fragrant liquid. Benzene is manufactured and provided to domestic and foreign markets to be used in the production of styrene monomer and LABs.

Typical Test Unit Specification Test Method
Benzene WT% Min 99.9 ASTM D-4492
Non-Aromatic WT% wt% Max 0.08 ASTM D-4492
Toluene WT% wt% Max 0.02 ASTM D-4492
Specific Gravity
at 15.56 °C/15.56°C
—— Between 0.882 – 0.886 ASTM D-4052
Organic Chloride mg/kg Max 1.0 ASTM D-5808
Acidity mg NaOH/100ml No free acid ASTM D-847
Distillation Range °C Max 1.0 ASTM D-850
Total Nitrogen wt ppm Max 1.0 ASTM D-4629
Total Sulfur mg/kg Max 1.0 ASTM D-5453
Color (Pt-CO) Scale —– Max 10.0 ASTM D-1209
SO2 / H2S Content —– Free of H2S/SO2 ASTM D-853
Acid Wash Color —– Max 1.0 ASTM D-848
Copper Corrosion —– Pass with 1a ASTM D-849
Br.Index mg/100 gr Max 10.0 ASTM D-1492
Water content wt ppm MAx 200 ASTM E-1064
Appearance _ Clear liquid
at 18.3 – 25.6 °C